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Tangshi International Cultural Exchange is authorized by the Chinese National Labor Bureau as a licensed employment placement company. Since 2005, we have worked with thousands of people to find the optimal teaching experience in China. Our aim has always been to improve the education of Chinese students by exposing them to native English language instructors from western countries. The interaction between Chinese students and their foreign teachers not only improves their written and spoken English but also creates cross-cultural exchanges and experiences.


We work FOR our teachers and WITH our partner schools.

Our staff of experienced Chinese and American HR professionals truly understand the challenges that teachers may face in China. The transition and orientation period is of the upmost importance and our staff always goes to great measure to make sure that our teachers feel fully supported and receive all necessary and required assistance. This includes a comprehensive orientation and transition process that you can fully discuss with our team.

We make your transition to China very easy. You will be picked up from the airport upon your arrival in China and you will receive temporary housing with many other new teachers where you'll go through an orientation on life in China. You will also receive a crash-course in TEFL, living in China and be instructed in the best ways to approach your new job. Once placed in a school, you will move into to your new apartment and be provided with a Chinese Assistant.

Our Assistants are here to help you with the many different situations that will arise when living in an unfamiliar country and to alleviate some of the culture shock that comes with living in China. Examples include introducing teachers to the staff of their new schools and showing the route to their school. They'll help you open a bank account and complete your police registration (In Beijing all residents have to register their address with the police department).

There is definitely a language barrier that exists between Chinese people and expats but you will have help with translation services both inside and outside of your school. As a person coming to China for the first time, we really do our best to make the transition as painless for you as possible and alleviate some of the culture shock that comes with living in an unfamiliar land. In any situation where a teacher is reasonably in need, you will have a strong support system to lean on.

We are also the most flexible employment agency in China. We have a network of over 100 schools throughout the country, teachers can work with kids or adults and if a teacher wants to move to a new school, this can easily be accomplished.

We provide comprehensive packages that may include:

1.  Competitive salaries: ALL Contract Options are fully translated into English and provide English Teachers with a very comfortable standard of living. Our teachers have very strong purchasing power and are paid well above the average salary of their Chinese co-workers.

2.  Z Work Visa Sponsorship

3.  Round-trip airfare reimbursement

4.  FREE accommodation: Our English Teachers have the option to live in our quality shared or single apartments, all of which are in close proximity to the school. All apartments come equipped with all western style amenities that you'd expect and need.

5.  TEFL/TESOL Certification upon contract completion’

6.  Free Chinese lessons

7.  Flexible contract options.