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Do you want to teach all English? Do you want a foreign teacher?
- Jan 08, 2018 -

About the whole English teaching, also called all English immersion Teaching, at present, there are some training schools in China is such a requirement, more is the combination of Chinese and English. Hospitality Xue In most teaching activities is the use of face-to-face teaching in English, the club is taught by foreign teachers. In the face of younger children who have just come in contact with English, especially the previous classes, or need to carefully explain the steps of the activity, the teacher will use appropriate language to communicate. Through the long time teaching practice proves that, English language teaching for children to learn English has a great advantage, such as to allow children to hear more English, to create a good environment for the application of English, to increase the child's confidence in the use of English, a large number of classroom language and the use of daily exchange of English to enable children to learn and apply imperceptibly, Let the child be used without realizing the learning, motivate the child to study the application, encourage the child to think in English and so on.

Of course, in English teaching, teachers will also encounter some problems, for example, more time is needed to explain the content to the child, or to use gestures to help, if the child still does not understand, the child may lose patience, some children may be unable to understand the teacher's explanation and lose their interest in English and self-confidence All English teaching has higher requirements for teachers, due to the teacher's English proficiency and fluency may give the child incorrect demonstration, because the child's English proficiency is limited, perhaps the classroom will be more teachers to explain and lack of interaction with the child, because need more time to explain may make teaching time long, Can't even finish the teaching plan and so on. So in all English teaching activities, teachers need to pay attention to the use of simple words and sentences in language, and easy to repeat, the use of body language, TPR teaching methods, with the language to explain the use of cards, flash cards or other teaching aids, enrich the content and methods of education; Benefit the child's understanding.