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How do foreign teachers choose? English institutions Most afraid you know these points
- Jan 08, 2018 -

If we want to choose foreign teachers, we need to pay attention to these important aspects

1, TESOL Certificate (Foreign English teaching certificate, American Standard), TEFL certificate (Foreign language teaching certificate in China Shiji) or TESL certificate (English teaching certificate, commonly used in UK) is the three major certificates for foreigners to teach in China, these three types of certificates are internationally accepted language teaching qualification certificate, It is an essential certificate for foreigners to teach English. Parents who have the conditions may request the guidance agency to provide the certificate. (One of three certificates is available)

2, the content of the class is rigorous, whether explicit account of the teaching objectives of this class, and completed the goal. Some foreign teachers in class with students "blind chat", such a teacher is not optional.

3, the pronunciation is accurate, parents need to pay special attention to this point. The course of diplomacy is the "correct input" of the voice and expression of the figure. American and English sound are actually all right, if not particularly picky can be general, Australian English is the second choice, Eastern European teachers are difficult to distinguish, parents can be carefully identified by the method or consult with the Organization to view their information. Foreign teachers in the Philippines can easily be distinguished by a glance.

The choice of foreign teachers is expected to get more authentic language input, small series to help you summed up the common market in the United States and abroad, the British and foreign teaching, Eastern Europe and the Philippines foreign teachers of the characteristics and differences.