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How to arouse children's interest in learning English
- Jan 08, 2018 -

The foreign teachers of the training course have very rich experience in teaching, so they can deeply dialysis and grasp the children's psychological activities and trends. Timely through a variety of different teaching methods to enable children to actively interact in the classroom, only the continuous interaction, the quality of teaching can be guaranteed.

Generally speaking, the common method of classroom interaction is not in the following ways.

One is to do more simple games. The way to play the game, in addition to the use of some simple props, others can also directly use the children's body language, to describe the word content learned.

Second, more dialogue, situational dialogue, can be invented a realistic life scene, so that children in the simulated living environment to train their own oral English skills.

Three is more hands-on, prepare some colored paper, brushes, putty, plastic toys, cards, etc., or let the child design their own favorite English word cards. Entertaining.