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Is it necessary to teach children English education?
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Situation one: Attention should be paid to foreign teachers

Some parents feel that, nowadays, the international integration more and more in-depth, many occasions need to communicate directly with foreigners, if the pronunciation of this piece of non-standard, it is easy to create communication barriers. Also not conducive to the future life of the child's career planning. Affect the social life of children.

As a result, parents who hold the above attitude generally accept the course of the foreign teaching course. Although the costs are relatively expensive, they are generally acceptable.

Situation two: No need for foreign teachers

Most parents, still take the conservative attitude, that their children in the end of their lives, may not meet a foreigner, as for the pronunciation of what the problem, it will naturally not be the focus of consideration. During school, complete the basic courses arranged by the Education Department. There is no need to consider improving oral communication skills. This part of the attitude of parents, generally for the foreign Professor class training, said not to cold.

Situation three: wait and see

and a very small number of parents are on the sidelines, they feel that their children, the future will need to use English communication, is unpredictable things, is still in the wait-and-see stage, if the child himself interested in the English industry, will invest in training, if the child is more disgusted with the content of this area, will no longer invest.