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It's good for children to learn English with foreign teachers.
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Let the children learn English, especially the idea of fluent spoken language began in our trip to America, baby's dad went to the United States to visit the school, we went to visit him during the holiday, he took us to the Disney in Orlando, where the baby had a good time to play one weeks, and then visited the west of the United States, went to Disney in California, visited Yellowstone Park , in Las Vegas played for a long time, in Washington, led him to visit the American Museum of Nature, etc., in the process, the children's English proficiency has improved, and sometimes there is a desire to communicate with strangers.

But compared with children in the United States, my baby's shortcomings are at a glance. First of all, the child is very timid, the good. American children have a lot of imagination and are more willing to try when confronted with new things. There's a music town in Disney, but there's a constantly changing skull image on his door, just over three years old baby scared to cry loudly, refused to enter, so we had to quit halfway, make the next to the United States father and son to my house baby made face, but the United States two or three-year-old child with a look of excitement into the. Second, baby meets people very shy. American children are confident that they meet strangers to greet each other, which is related to their culture, in the United States, if you and the face of the people with eye contact, he will take the initiative to greet you, but the Chinese generally do not. Listen to the same Chinese landlord said that the Chinese people in the United States because of the reasons for character so not very eat. Lenovo's domestic children's kindergarten education, so want to cultivate a child confident and objective courage to express the character, such a character in our classroom teachers will not teach the baby, they just ask the child to sit properly, do not speak.