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Notes on the selection of foreign teachers in English
- Jan 08, 2018 -

First: The source of foreign teachers.

The origin of foreign teachers will not have much influence on the teaching ability of the foreign teachers themselves. Basically, as long as it is in line with the test results of the international foreign teachers, all have the qualifications and ability to carry out English teaching courses, the only thing to consider will be affected is that, due to different sources, the English accent of foreign teachers will have local differentiation. We should pay attention to this point.

Second: Foreign teachers grasp the local culture degree.

Not all foreign teachers, have a very deep understanding of their own local culture, we all know, if the foreign teachers in advance to master the local culture, can be very convenient with the children of classroom docking and interactive communication. It is advantageous to arrange the course schedule and guarantee the teaching quality. Therefore, parents and friends should consider this aspect when they choose foreign teachers.

Third, the teaching experience of foreign teachers.

Although it is said that having a TESOL certificate of foreign education is indeed a stepping stone in this field, it does not mean that there is a certificate of entry that can be very fluent and proficient in lectures. Therefore, we should carefully select those who have many years of teaching experience in the field of the old drivers, so that their accumulated teaching skills to ensure the quality of education.