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Online English one-to-one study of foreign teachers in Europe and America is effective? For kids?
- Jan 08, 2018 -

1, the terminal advantage, one is the classroom, one can be a computer, a smartphone, a tablet in the future may also be a smart television. Classroom employing the theory of engineering, lighting, temperature, air, comfort and so on are relatively less than the arbitrary intelligent terminal to experience. And the progress of science and technology, use the network classroom to study, will form a kind of vogue.

2, the content advantage, if uses the popular word, is the on-line education is has the rich media nature. Text, music, video, links can easily be made to make teaching content. Compared to most Chinese schools are still in chalk blackboard style teaching, it's interesting and the image will be much better.

3, time advantage, this is obvious, do not worry about missing any of the online teaching video. In fact, this is also a disadvantage, as the friends upstairs said, the time is broad, obviously for children and young people is a test. The deadline of the traditional classroom is actually very big, but on the network this almost must rely on consciously.