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The advantages of foreign teachers
- Jan 08, 2018 -

The advantages of foreign teachers are: authentic pronunciation, understanding of British culture, can greatly stimulate the interest of children to learn and speak English enthusiasm, can overcome the future fear of foreigners face. Children by imitating their pronunciation, pause, rhythm, light and light, can quickly form a sense of English, play a solid foundation of English. But for the younger students, the low level of English, understanding and thinking can not keep up with them, will let them suffer from frustration, and thus affect the interest in learning English and confidence.

"Pronunciation": most Chinese people even recognize the 48 IPA, not to mention the difference between/e/and/?/, which is completely ignorant of the tongue position in pronunciation.

Flow&rhythm: The stream is accent + pause + continuous reading. The Chinese generally behaved badly.

Because only the European and American foreign teachers, in order to give you the standard pronunciation at the same time, to help you exercise good language flow ability, that is, stress + pause + reading ability.

Even if the English is very slip of the middle school, in fact, may still be a Chinese accent, and the way of thinking is always the Chinese people's thinking! Communication and communication problems are not very good, but there are still obvious differences in pronunciation and tone.

In fact, parents in the selection of foreign teachers, the British sound of the United States is not important, it is important that this foreign teacher's pronunciation is standard. In the premise of guaranteeing pronunciation standard, parents should be more concerned about the teaching qualification and teaching experience of foreign teachers. Have teaching experience, have the corresponding qualifications of foreign teachers, as a Chinese teacher with a Putonghua certificate, will not put your accent biased.