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The method of choosing oral English teaching for one-on-one training
- Jan 08, 2018 -

In China, many students learn English in a "dumb English" stage, studied for several years or even more than 10 years of English, have a certain reading ability, but the ability to hear is very general, not even openings. So many parents, students, and even the office workers are aimed at those foreign teachers one-on-one oral training, in order to strengthen their speaking ability. However, in the face of so many oral training courses in the country, and various foreign teachers, how should we choose?

First, the teaching qualifications of foreign teachers.

Just as you can speak Chinese but not necessarily teach Chinese, not everyone who speaks English can teach English. Spoken English teacher one-on-one teachers are also to pass a certain training and exams, so it is best to find internationally recognized English teaching qualification Certificate of foreign teachers. The more than 800 foreign teachers in the English language of Hampson meet these requirements, and in general, the students will be arranged to listen to the pronunciation of the foreign teachers, so that the students can choose the foreign teachers.

Second, the stability of foreign teachers.

For the first time with foreign teachers in oral English teaching one-on-one, you can ask the next church how long to stay here, if the study to half of the foreign teachers will have a little impact. The English language of 14 years, the stability of foreign teachers is very good, the general teaching experience of foreign teachers in more than 5-10 years, more understand the needs of Chinese students.

Third, if it is from the foreign teachers to find foreign teachers, to understand that the English speaking foreign teacher one-on-one institutions are professional, you can look at their time, service and Word-of-mouth, the general old brand, reputable institutions of the foreign teachers are also relatively stable.

Finally, regardless of English learning is to find a large training course, or to find a one-to-one, these external conditions, the most important thing is that they can stick to it! To master a language is not 32 days can be done, so, adhere to the success of the begotten!