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Two things parents need to know before they find out English for their children
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Now, more and more parents are aware of the importance of learning English, but the child on the class and afraid not, so the child to find a door to teach English students teacher. College students do not have teaching experience, the teaching effect of course will be disappointed, they do not know English, so still want to give children find English foreign teachers.

After all, English as an essential means of communication is more and more important, but parents are also worried that children learn English as soon as possible? Does the child who has a foreign language teaching English have a better ability in the future? There are too many questions! Now, children English experts for parents and friends summed up the children to find English teachers to understand before the two things:

When will parents give their children a better English enlightenment?

Children's English experts believe that the child can be in fetal education in some prenatal English learning, listening to English songs and so on, 1-2-year-old suitable for watching English cartoons, to tell children some English stories, but also through the form of a word card to enable children to remember some English knowledge.

Second, children more College English is more appropriate?

Many parents worry that their children are too young, their mother tongue is not fully mature, and early exposure to English is difficult to effect. In fact, scientists have long been responsible for language learning in the brain of the site has been studied, research shows that this part of the brain in children to identify and imitate language is very sensitive, and its sensitivity will decline with the age of the line, so 3-6-Year-old is the best time to acquire a foreign language. , let the child begin to contact some English recording, the nursery rhyme, the animation and so on at the same time, may find the English specialized foreign teacher, lets the child early contact the pure English pronunciation, may have the very good inspiration to the child. At the same time for children, the future of language acuity and accuracy of the improvement also has great benefits.