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General Class Of Foreign Teachers
- Jan 08, 2018 -

The first category: According to the Teaching Content division, divides into the language class English foreign teacher and the discipline foreign teacher. In China, foreign language teaching in English is mainly taught in English, such as: daily speaking, Business English, Test English (IELTS TOEFL). Foreign teachers can teach mathematics, physics, science, history and so on in English.

The second category: According to the Nationality Division, divides into the mother tongue class English foreign language teaching and the non-native English language teaching. At home, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia's mother tongue foreign teachers are more favored by schools.

The third category: According to the Teaching object Division, divides into the child English teacher and the adult English foreign teacher. Young children teach English outside the main, compared to live waves, good interaction. The teaching of adult English is focused on practicality in order to improve the students ' spoken language.

The fourth category: According to the nature of the work division, divided into full-time foreign teachers and part-time foreign teachers. Full-time foreign teachers in English education, English teaching income for the economic pillar of life, they generally work seriously and responsible, teaching more professional.

Part-time foreign teacher, that is, English teaching is only one part of his part-time job, the main work is not English teaching, such as foreign students. To the employer to create a sense of not serious work attitude. There is also a lack of teaching experience, there is no corresponding training in English teaching, teaching ability relative to the full-time foreign teacher is a lot of difference, but the tuition fee is relatively low, all of them also have a lot of job opportunities.

At home, the general requirements of English foreign teachers with bachelor degree or above, more than two years of education work experience, have Tesl,tesol,tefl,celta certificate. Usually recruiting schools also have age requirements for English teachers. It is hoped that English teachers will be able to relax the restrictions between the ages of 22-60 and under special circumstances.