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Must You Find Foreign Teachers To Learn Spoken English? Why?
- Jan 08, 2018 -

People began to pay more and more attention to spoken English, many foreign teachers into our classroom, to our English study added a lot of fun. In the exchange of learning with foreign teachers in the process of the benefit is not shallow. We learn English every day is seldom used in English, foreign teaching students fully feel the atmosphere of English, with the desire to learn English use English, the external teaching really embodies the "entertaining".

Foreign teachers will organize teaching to mobilize the classroom atmosphere, whether it is good and poor students can make them dare to speak English, timely encouragement so that the children enthusiastically raised their hands, for each of the outside class is a look forward to. Children are eager to imitate and learn things quickly. such as feeling for elementary school students may have difficulties like hungry, sad, shy, happy, cold, hot and other words, but the foreign teachers through their body language and vivid expression, a few minutes, the children have learned. It is to let the children's mouth, eyes, hands and brain at the same time feel the things they want to learn, at the same time move up and become what they want to say.