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The Basic Situation Of Foreign Teachers
- Jan 08, 2018 -

As the name implies is the local antonym. Foreign teachers are non-natives or foreigners who live on the basis of local habits, such as customs, customs, and other foreign languages, customs, habits and experiences. For example, foreign teachers of small languages, foreign teachers of the national team and so on.

Buddhists say nine of Confucianism and Taoism outside Buddhism are foreign teachers. "Liang Shu-wu ji": "Chuan flow is difficult to backwater, String, both good inside the code of compassion, and hurt the virtuous of the foreign teachers." See "Guanghongming Douan", see "the second religion".

At present, in the education sector, foreign teachers specifically refer to foreign teacher, such as English teachers, French foreign language, Spanish foreign languages, etc., corresponding to the domestic teaching of the British teacher, French teacher, Spanish teacher and so on.

Foreign teachers: English translation foreign surrogate at present, the biggest problem for Chinese to speak English is inaccurate pronunciation, in Shanghai, more and more private individuals and units began to invite foreign teachers to attend classes, so that the oral English improve faster, more fluent

Foreign teachers (foreign surrogate), as the name suggests, both foreigners teacher. But the foreign teacher teaching also needs the qualification certificate.

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