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The Process Of Recruiting Foreign Teachers
- Jan 08, 2018 -

1. Contract to employ the unit independent and foreign job-seekers to determine the terms of employment, in both parties voluntarily signed the contract, the special article reported to the location of the administrative Department of Education (provincial management institutions can directly report to the Provincial Education Administration Department).

The conditions to be provided by the employing units for foreign teachers are generally:

① according to the State stipulates that the minimum standard for foreign teachers ' wages is 2200 yuan/person per month, not capping, employing units and discretionary;

② provides a roundtrip international travel or a prescribed maximum (generally 7000 to 8000 yuan) for the same period of one year, and a one-way ticket for a semi-annual period;

③ employing units can provide free housing to foreign teachers, general requirements:

Have a separate bedroom, living room, toilet and bathroom, set color TV, air-conditioning, internet access telephone, refrigerator, washing machine and necessary furniture;

④ employing units may give foreign teachers a certain telephone charges, utilities subsidies or full commitment;

⑤ employing units to give foreign teachers 2200 yuan per year of tourism subsidies;

⑥ employing units generally according to the standards of Chinese workers in the unit to give foreign teachers medical benefits;

⑦ foreign teachers enjoy a certain period of paid vacation, the employing units to the nearest international airport transfer;

The teaching hours of ⑧ are generally arranged in 12-16 hour/week;

2. Bid documents the provincial education Administrative Department shall reply to the Employment application and issue the invitation letter and the "expert confirmation"

Some provinces need to go to provincial foreign affairs to bid for these two documents.

3. Mailing documents to employ units "invitation letter" and "expert confirmation" to send to foreign teachers;

4. To apply for a work visa to the foreign consulate in the country where it is located.

5. Contact China to prepare knot machine contact and foreign teachers to determine the date, booking air tickets, notice to recruit units to pick up;

6. Follow-up matters, the recruitment of foreign teachers due to the recruitment of many units of emergency, the domestic many provinces and municipalities to allow foreign teachers to bid for the first travel visa to China, after entering the one months by employing units to change the visa word head.

7. After the foreign teacher to the unit also need to transact the following formalities in time:

① in the unit after 24 hours to the location of the public security departments to bid for good foreigners lodging registration formalities, otherwise will be punished by the Ministry of Public Security door;

② to receive health certificates from the government-appointed hospitals within one months;

③ to the Provincial Education Administration department or the provincial Foreign Affairs Office to apply for the certificate;

④ The local Public security department to apply for a residence permit to the Public Security Department with a visa qualification.

At this point, foreign teachers can feel at ease in employing units to teach. Employing units must also do a good job of day-to-day management and service.