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Type Of Qualification Certificate
- Jan 08, 2018 -

TEFL Qualifications for foreign teachers

is teaching as a Foreign Language. At present, the TEFL certificate is universally recognized and accepted globally, and it is an internationally recognised certificate of General English teacher qualification. TEFL Certificate proves that foreign teachers have undergone certain training in foreign language and teaching methods, and have mastered certain skills.

TESOL Qualifications for foreign teachers

is teaching to speakers of the other languages namely "foreign English teaching". TESOL certificate by the United States TESOL Institute of Education issued by the TESOL international organizations recognized, in addition to the United Kingdom, Australia and other English-speaking countries, most schools and language training institutions also recognized TESOL certificate.

TESL Qualifications for foreign teachers

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language is a specially designed training course for English teachers who teach English as a non-native speaker. TESL Certificate focuses on English as a foreign language teaching effective method, trying to establish a non-native language teaching in the common sense of communication, pay close attention to listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and impart grammar, vocabulary and other traditional teaching methods. TESL certificates are also widely recognized worldwide.

Differences and relations between TEFL, TESOL and TESL certificates

At present in the domestic basically TESOL, TEFL and TESL certificate have been mixed, the three are not strictly different, are regarded as Foreign teacher qualification certificate. At present, domestic colleges and a little professional English training center recruitment foreign teachers will require one of three certificates. Such institutions as EF, Wall Street, CEC English, Weber English, ABC English and new Oriental have strict requirements for foreign teachers to have one of the above three certificates.